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Why Emergenetics?

Human nature is to shy away from differences. Emergenetics surfaces individual styles and champions the power and potential of cognitive diversity within teams. Through interactive experiences, participants learn how engaging diverse perspectives and behavioural styles can transform performance and help close the intent impact gap. Technically, Emergenetics is a scientifically proven psychometric assessment that highlights thinking and behavioral preferences. Practically, it is a shortcut to deeper self-understanding and a bridge to insights about others that is easy to understand.
Relationally, it promotes soft skills such as respect, mutual appreciation, and a desire to learn from other people. Conceptually, it provides an agile framework to create new solutions and enhance collaboration. Organizationally, the deployment of Emergenetics concepts and theory is scalable, and the learning is both practical and actionable. Multi-modal learning experiences include live workshops, e-learning, virtual delivery, and the Emergenetics+ App. Maximize your potential today by filling out our contact form!

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Emergenetics provided a universal context for awareness of self and others that allowed people to communicate and execute in a more powerful and efficient way.
Russ Parker
Former Head of Creative Leadership, Kit and Ace
As an HR leader, I’ve worked with a few different psychometric tools. Our organization has chosen Emergenetics to help our employees gain self-awareness around their thinking and behavioral attributes, those of their team and how to interact with those who are different from themselves. Emergenetics is superior to other tools that I have worked with for two main reasons.

The first is in how the design of the tool incorporates how you actually behave. The second reason this tool is superior is due to the app. I can add my co-workers profiles right into the Emergenetics app so that whenever I am preparing for a meeting or conversation with that person, I can pull up their profile and design an approach that will be more effective; easier communication and teamwork at your fingertips!

Paula Thompson
Director, Human Resources, Tervita Corporation
Emergenetics takes the guesswork out of building effective tools. It creates an objective way for people to talk about their strengths, preferences, and blind spots. We've done lots of other personality profiles and strengths tests throughout the years, and Emergenetics replaced them all.
Seth Partridge
Client Success Team Lead, Intrigue Media Solutions Inc. 
We contacted Emergenetics for team building and productivity efficiency exercises as their workshops were progressive and insightful. Our 50+ young and bright employees did some fun, interesting workshops where they learned so much about themselves and how their personalities work with one another as a team. This has proven to be so helpful in fostering collaboration and synergy!
Claudia Sjoberg
President, Pedalheads
Emergenetics is a fantastic and engaging tool that highlights both cognitive and behavioural diversity, which is incredibly valuable and important. Our clients truly love Emergenetics, and they have eagerly integrated it into their culture and communication practices – as have our team internally!
Wahaj Awad
Leadership & Team Development, Humance
I decided to certify as an Associate to try to help others realize their potential the way in which I had come to understand mine. With every individual or group I facilitated using the profile, there have been tremendous "aha's" and often relief. My clients have often discovered why they may have been misunderstood or challenged in the past and it has given them a foundation on which to build new experiences, expertise and careers. 

This self-awareness has become fundamental to programs, services and coaching I am developing in my new business, the Top 60 Over 60! It's inspiring to see older adults begin to appreciate who they are as they enter this next stage of their lives.

Helen Hirsch Spence
Founder / CEO, Top 60 Over 60

How does it work?

Emergenetics is a self-descriptive test- meaning you answer a series of questions about yourself by assigning a value to each question. Your responses are scored and compared with a group norm with our extensive database. The online questionnaire takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

Read more about our science HERE.

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